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DC Greens has a history of creating programs with an eye toward systemic uptake. Some have referred to us as a bridge, and at times we have played that role. However, we are not a bridge. Our purpose is to build bridges. We are here to germinate and support creative solutions and then step aside so that they can thrive without us. Moving forward, it is incumbent on us to articulate how any program we tackle either will exist independently or will be integrated into the fabric of our city policies.

Our plan is organized into three core clusters of work that span both our internal and external goals: Advance Just Food Policy; Build Community Resources for Health Equity; and Build a Transparent, Sustainable, and Accountable Organization. Within the framework of these three areas, we focus on goals in which DC Greens is best positioned to advance both health equity and systemic change, including:

● The Produce Prescription Program and advancing “Food as Medicine” policy on the local and national levels;
● The Well and its community-led, place-based approach to advancing community wellness;
● Improving the quality of school food through community-based feedback channels and city-wide policy change; and
● Advocacy – undertaken in coalition with those most impacted by food injustice and health disparities – that shifts city systems and investments towards health equity as it relates to food.

In further commitment to our overarching values, we are building on four years of intentional internal work to make DC Greens a more equitable workplace. This strategic plan offers our roadmap to deepen our racial equity work across all functions of the organization. We know our work is stronger when we invest in the leadership of all staff, build internal processes that dismantle systemic racism, and recognize that operationalizing equity requires continuing work and investment.

We are ready to meet the moment and play our part in building a just and resilient food system.


MISSION: Advancing health equity by building a just and resilient food system.

VISION: A city in which health equity is a central value, healthy food is a human right, and all residents have the resources to shape and control policies and programs for their own communities.

THEORY OF CHANGE: Achieving health equity requires resilient, just, and equitable food systems. DC Greens advances health equity by creating cross-sector collaborations and advancing equitable, city-wide policy solutions to build a just and resilient food system. We do this work in solidarity with marginalized communities experiencing poverty and food insecurity.

Ways to Give

1. One-time Donation (By Check)

Please mail your check donation to:

DC Greens
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You may also donate directly online here.

2. Recurring Donation (Monthly or Quarterly)

Recurring donations provide a steady stream of support for our year-round programs. Set up a hassle-free, automated monthly or quarterly donation to DC Greens using our online donation page.

Recurring donations are automatically charged either each month or each quarter on the day that you made your first gift. So if you elected to make a monthly donation and made your first gift on November 12, your next gift would be charged on December 12. We will send you an annual giving statement for your purposes in January of each year. Easily change your gift amount, payment date, or frequency via your Network for Good account.

3. Donate from your Donor Advised Fund

Please direct your Donor Advised Fund (DAF) grant to be mailed to DC Greens at the address listed below.

DC Greens
2000 P Street NW Suite 240
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Note that DC Greens’ Tax Identification Number (TIN) is 26-4527988.

*Donors using Fidelity Charitable, Schwab Charitable or BNY Mellon: please use the convenient DAF Direct link to designate a gift to DC Greens.

*If you turn 70½ after December 31, 2019, you can now wait until you turn 72 to begin taking Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) from your retirement account. Learn more about the SECURE Act and retirement changes.

4. Include DC Greens in your Estate Plans

Make improving food access and health inequities in Washington DC part of your lasting legacy by including DC Greens in your estate plans. There are many ways to include DC Greens in your estate plans, including through your will, revocable trust, retirement plan, or life insurance policy. Planned gifts can accommodate your lifestyle now while securing a stronger future for DC Greens. Read more about ways to include DC Greens in your estate plans.

If you have included DC Greens in your estate plans, please let us know! We’re eager to recognize your commitment. Please email or call 202-601-9200 ext 206.

5. Matching Gifts

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